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Cameroon application IDocta connecting patients to doctors during the pandemic


Cases of COVID-19 in Cameroon are now in the tens of thousands leaving people vulnerable to the fear of leaving their homes for medical treatment. One can also contract the virus from exposure to health facilities.

The new application IDocta creates an environment where patients are linked to medics, enabling home treatment. IDocta allows patients to book appointments from their doctors. The app has registered over 200 doctors, including GPS and specialist physicians.

Yannick Mbarga, a Pharmacist and creator of IDocta was quoted with Africanews in an announcement, “the problem that IDocta solves is access to affordable health care for people. We have found that urban centers are overcrowded, hospitals are overcrowded in urban centers. And in rural areas, we face what is called the phenomenon of medical deserts. IDocta provides a solution to improve people’s accessibility to health care thanks to technology.”

IDocta has experienced a tripling of cases over the past three months, fueled by the prevailing pandemic. All medics on the platform are regularly checked and any with Covid-19 is removed from the platform. IDocta also allows remote consultations.

IDocta can be downloaded from Google PlayStore


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