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Most African Banks Target the Unbanked Population Using Digital Apps


TechInAfrica – Due to the rapid development of financial technology, most banks operate in African countries have targeted the unbanked populations to gain more customers through mobile apps.

The mobile money platforms like TigoPesa, Halopesa, and M-Pesa by Vietel Halotel and Artel Money have indirectly ‘motivated’ other banks to move to mobile technologies, enabling customers to access their services.

As many financial institutions have now moved to digital solutions for their services, they are targeting more customers from the unbanked populations.

African Banks Target the Unbanked Population
African Banks Target the Unbanked Population Using Mobile Apps via

During the launch of an Ecobank’s digital platform, the Group’s Chief Executive, Ade Ayeyemi explained that customers in the past had to face the inefficient way of doing financial transactions—they had to meet a bank agent face to face while at the same time had no much clear information when the recipient received the money.

In the era of modern technologies–particularly financial solutions—have been invented, for example like the Rapidtransfer App, a digital platform launched by Ecobank, customers unnecessarily have to face the challenges. Through the financial platform, customers can now do payment transactions with more reliable, fast, and conveniently.

“Mobile application gives a customer access to various payment systems and makes purchases faster and more efficient anywhere at any time; all one needs is a smartphone with Ecobank application,” said the Ecobank’s managing director Mwanahiba Mzee.

There are two ways customers can do, dial *150*66# or download the NMB Klik on Google Play Store or App Store.

“With digital technology growing, we aim to keep pace. Now we are giving our clients greater autonomy with quick, easy and secure digital applications to access and open an account anywhere in the world, at any time,” added Mzee.


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