African Tech Companies That Made Major Strides In 2017


Africa made major strides in the technological developments in 2017. However much there were notable achievements, with tech companies. Still, there were a number of them that outplayed others in the field. Here are some tech companies that outplayed others in the year that ended 2017.

Liquid Telecom

Liquid Telecom, the company, has been in a major development as it aimed to be operational across Africa. In 2017, the company finished the upgrading of its East African fibre ring to 100GB. The countries that realized the upgrade included Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda in September 2017. The company also signed a number of crucial partnerships the same year as it aims to pitch tents in some African countries by 2018.


The leading Kenyan network operator made strides in its operations in 2017. It cemented its leading trend forcing the main challenger Airtel to think of quitting the market. The company finished the upgrading of M-pesa the mobile money service provider in the country. Safaricom is also going large in its value-added services. The launching of e-commerce platform called Masoko in November 2017 is one example of value-added services offered by Safaricom.


Andela managed to get funding worth $40 million in 2017 that was the largest funding to be raised by any African startup. The investment is aimed at helping it expand its services to various countries having already established itself in Uganda Kenya and Nigeria.


South Africa based IT service company announced at the beginning of 2017 that it plays a vital role in helping Telkom on its expansion mission in Africa. The company was involved in deals with companies like Cape IT Initiative and WeThinkCode in a move to help in upgrading the Africa technology sector.


The company established itself as the leading mobile payment service provider in Nigeria. 2017 saw the company going a mile further by signing deals with the likes of ChopUp and Uber.


Despite the fact that the central bank of Kenya banned the company from operating in its own country Kenya, the company relocated to other African countries. The company managed to secure two crucial funding’s in 2017 which pushed its total worth to $10 million.


Zipline is a U.S based company offering technical services only in the African countries. The company played an important role in the health sector as witnessed in its operations in Rwanda by the use of drones to deliver medical requirements. In 2017 the company expanded its services to Tanzania.


The company becomes strong in its operations in South Africa in May 2017. At the time the e-lerning company 2U bought it at a cost of $103 million with an addition of $20 million potential earn out.



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