Why Flare Rescue App is the Solution to the Emergency Services


Flare, a Kenyan based startup has launched its first app. Dubbed as the rescue product, the app operates like an Uber app. Flare app allows hospitals or individuals to note the available ambulance options and call for help quickly. The app has already raised various funding rounds. The rescue system allows its customers to call a hotline when in a medical emergency.

After the call, the subscribers are connected to a variety of quality health providers. The medical team is on standby throughout the day for 24 hours, seven days a week and they are ready to offer help in 15 minutes. In case one is not attended to after 30 minutes, the startup will refund the whole year subscription fee. The membership fee is charged annually. The refund shows how the company is confident with the service provision.

Despite the fact that there is plenty of ambulances, poor coordination makes it hard for the ambulances to attend the scene at the right time. Poor coordination will result in the nearest ambulance to the scene not taken to the patient, and the ambulance operators get it hard to locate where the patient is calling from. According to Maria Rabinovich, the other founder who leads Flare’s tech team, the Flare team works on solving both the problems.

Maria says that the team is on a mission to change people’s expectations around how quick and easier emergency help is carried out in Nairobi. That is the main reason why Flare is committed to its activities. The rescue services are currently only available in Nairobi. However, Flare is planning big in 2018. The company is already expanding to the Nairobi environs and is hoping to be operational in Kisumu and Mombasa before going out to various towns in Kenya.


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