AirtelTigo partners Opera To Bring Free Data and Browsing To Millions of Ghanaians

Users will use the data to access information on the Opera Software AS’s Opera Mini browser and Opera News App

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Ghanaian telecom operator, AirtelTigo has partnered Opera Mini in a deal that will see the two firms offer Ghanaians access to free data and browsing.

Opera is one of the most popular platforms for mobile web browsers, and AirtelTigo could be getting the best of both mobile and web browsing. Users will use the data to access information on the Opera Software AS’s Opera Mini browser and Opera News App. The offer runs for the next three months.

AirtelTigo customers, both new and current, will benefit from a 50MB data bundle sent automatically every day. The customers of the telecom company will then be able to go online on Opera Mini or Via Opera News App to read both local and global news.

Android mobile device users do not need to worry about data as the Mini and News App both utilize the company’s unique tech to compress data. The technology helps reduce data usage by pre-processing website content and data needs before being relayed to a user’s phone. It means users are able to save up to 90% of their phone’s data use.

Commenting on the partnership, AirtelTigo’s Chief Business Officer Ethel Anamoo said that giving their customers free data for use on Opera’s “powerful browsing platform” will play a big role in helping more Ghanaians to get online.

Jorgen Arnesen, Opera’s Executive Vice President Mobile, noted that the unprecedented COVID-19 times called for companies to “lower the barriers for access to information.”

He added that Opera and AirtelTigo’s partnership will see millions of Ghanaians benefit. The Ghana telecom company has over 10 million users.


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