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Algeria foils a cyberattack blamed on Zionists, and Morocco


Algeria says that hackers attacked the official Algerian News Agency website from Morocco and the Zionist regime.

Its state television says hackers tried to hack into the website for hours by launching a series of serious cyberattacks.A reliable source said the attacks were planned in Israel, Morocco, and some parts of Europe.

But the agency’s defenses and technical systems were able to stop the attack, which is still going on and prevents any attempts to get into its database.

The source concluded that the cyberattacks are part of the media and electronic war against Algeria. This is because Algeria takes and makes decisions that aren’t popular, and the agency backs this approach.

The source concluded that the cyberattacks were part of a media and electronic war against Algeria. This is because Algeria takes and makes decisions that aren’t popular, and the agency supports this kind of approach.

Algeria made accusations, but Morocco did not respond right away. This is not the first time that Algeria and Morocco have accused each other of hacking into the websites of government institutions.

Algerian has warned that relations between Algiers and Rabat will worsen as Morocco and the Zionist regime work together more on the military front.Algeria is one of the few Arab countries that still support Palestinians and is against Israel. This is something that Palestinians have praised.

Earlier on Sunday, a group of hackers reportedly targeted computer servers at the Technion Institute of Technology, the Zionist regime’s top technology school, saying the apartheid regime has to pay for its “lies and crimes.”

The Technion, a well-known center for cyber security education in the port city of Haifa, confirmed on Sunday that it was the target of a ransomware attack by a new group calling itself “Darkbit.” This group seems to be motivated by ideology against the occupying regime.

It also said that classes at the Technion are going on as usual, even though there had been a cyberattack. But the students were told to switch to old-fashioned note-taking by hand or, at the very least, to disconnect their laptops from the university network and send fewer emails until further notice.

So far, the hackers have asked for 80 Bitcoins to unlock the data, and they have said that if they don’t get the money in 48 hours, they will raise the amount by 30%.




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