How Alosfarm Connect Farmers and Buyers in Nigeria

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The small-scale farmers are important players in the economic improvement. However, the farmers are not always given the right environment to carry out their practices especially in developing nations. Some of the challenges these farmers face include inadequate supply of farm inputs and poor market for their produce. However, many startups have come in to help small-scale farmers have the best benefit.

Alosfarm is a Nigerian based startup that helps to connect small-scale farmers to the buyers. The startup aims to give African agribusiness a new look. Moreover, it aims to change how the continent produces, distributes and consumes food. It takes Nigeria as its first stop. Furthermore, it focuses on increasing the value to both farmers and their customers. The firm will use their smart mechanism to reduce the massive food wastage in the chain from farm to the table.

The main goal is to offer small-scale farmers an easier way of selling their produce. This is done while enlightening them with best practices and knowledge. They also try to convince farmers to buy farm fertilizers, machinery and seeds. Currently, only a few individuals are discussing ways of helping farmers sell their produce and lead them in the farm process.

Farmers get it hard to get the right price of selling their produce in the market. The current supply chain don does not offer farmers the best they can get. Sometimes, the farm produce takes a lot of time in the transit. Multiple loading and offloading may also cause wastage to the produce. Nevertheless, AlosFarm chips in to work with many farmers by using a factor of 10 in their waiting list.

Alsosfarm startup sources for its funding and gets a commission from all the sold produce via its platform. Moreover, it is currently sourcing for investors to help it expand to other countries.

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