Google Play Store Finally Allows for App Purchase through M-Pesa

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Safaricom subscribers from Eastern Africa can now purchase Apps via M-Pesa on the Google Play Store. The initiative provides a solution to many Kenyans who longed for acquiring Apps through using M-Pesa services. The need for this service is triggered by the ability of Kenyan to make payments using M-Pesa platform. Google has linked M-Pesa Xpress payment with Google Play Store. The deal now allows Safaricom users to purchase Apps on the Google play store in their comfort zones. However, works for only Safaricom subscribers and Android supported mobile phones only.

System operation procedure includes Enabling Google Play Store, click accounts, tab payment option then select M-Pesa Xpress. Additional steps, select app of interest, click price tag, head to payment methods, select on Buy finally enter your M-Pesa pin. Notification from M-Pesa and Google will be sent for successful operation.

It is worthwhile to note that all the M-Pesa transaction cost or charges apply. A lot of patience is required from subscribers without enabled M-Pesa option. Dual SIM users are also encouraged to deactivate alternative SIM and leave only one Safaricom line active for the transaction.

Besides purchasing apps, Kenyans are looking forward to acquiring merchant accounts from Google platform.


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