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Many small business owners in Africa find themselves between focusing on their business and fighting to improve their technology. In any case, once there is a division of interest much is not attained at any ground. However, the SMEs should have something to smile about. This is after Alto Africa came in to handle the IT part on their behalf. Alto Africa that developed using shopping mall idea came up with Cloudbox.

Cloudbox offers all the needed IT solutions for SMEs. Therefore, it helps them to improve their business IT aspect. Furthermore, the concept offers pocket-friendly installation and maintenance. It also charges a support cost at a fixed rate which paid on a monthly basis. This ensures that the SMEs owners put much focus on running of their business. Moreover, the concept makes the IT-less complex by incorporating e-backups, e-mail, communication, and antivirus in a single package.

Alto Africa gives much-needed support package. The support includes a request for changes and onsite support. But the Cloudbox comes with simplicity. This aims at helping the clouded and confusing South Africa cloud market. Moreover, the concept incorporates compliance and control with functionality and usability. It also ensures that the software regulation takes place throughout the business. Customers are only allowed to pay for the services they need. This is because the IT applications and resources are managed out in the cloud.

Every customer is entitled to their monthly bill. The concept works on the idea of single vendor single bill. Therefore this allows the user to scale down or up their IT requirements. Cloudbox offers customers a chance to choose from three different packages. Each package comes with an IT toolkit. This helps in solving the budget needs and technology requirements of any company. The IT human package majors on good customer service. This is much different from the idea of only focusing on service delivery.  Customers should be the priority for any company.

There is a need for business to respond to the mobile workforce that keeps on changing. Furthermore, there is a high rise in the data that comes from businesses every day. It, therefore, calls for business to look for ways that will still make them relevant to the customers. Moreover, data security is also important for many SMEs. Therefore Cloudbox ensures that there is much security to the business data. Moreover, the data is retrievable when needed.


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