AngoCasa launches Boa Estadia, a short-term rental service for Angola

The new section on their website will increase their exposure

boa estadia

Angola-based real estate firm AngoCasa launched a short-term rental platform Boa Estadia that aims to cater to the country’s uptick in rental demand. The site –  opens up a list of apartments, private houses, guest houses, bungalows, and hotels. All of which comes at no cost.

The idea behind the venture was the desire to favorably compete with new market players such as and Airbnb, who charge for reservations on their site. The charges are in dollars or euros, another factor that keeps off Angolan ventures. Boa Estadia focusses on the domestic  Angolan market, even charging prices in the local Kwanza.

Boa Estadia will now become a new section on the AngoCasa website. The company hopes this will increase its market exposure. AngoCasa is currently the dominant real estate market. It boasts over 700,000 page views and 12,000 leads monthly. Both Boa Estadia and AngoCasa are owned by Tech Africa PTE Ltd.

A share on Linkedin by Kennedy Hogrefe, CEO, and founder at Tech Africa, revealed the internal data information of the company that realized a decrease in the number of leads and hits as of March 17. This was around the time when the covid19 pandemic exploded across the continent. The latter half of April has seen the numbers steadily rising to pre-COVID levels. A situation he points out as the “resilience of Angolans” and the versatility of the real estate sector.


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