Mukuru, Zoona Malawi New Owners, Promises More Gains for citizens

Mukuru remains one of the biggest international money operating and remittance companies in the shores of Africa


After purchasing Zoona Malawi’s operational assets and technology systems, Mukuru is confident that citizens’ benefits from the new acquisition will increase.

Mukuru and Zoona have been in partnership for over 4 years now. Zoona empowers businesses to take safe and reliable financial services to the rural communities in Malawi.

CEO of Mukuru, Andy Jury, was positive about the acquisition yielding great results and benefits. According to him, “Citizens of Malawi will benefit immensely from this acquisition, as we plan to deploy our cutting edge technology and vast products to offer improved options. We will uplift communities and make life easy for citizens by providing safer funds transfer means and numerous options to choose from.

The company’s CEO, while giving his remark, referred to the tough times Malawi’s migrant workers are facing. These migrant workers are made to travel long distances to other places before they can claim their remittances. Some end up falling into the hands of fraudsters and losing their hard-earned money. They also put their lives in danger.

The acquisition of Zoona Malawi’s asset means that agents working for the company will now work as Mukuru agents henceforth. Also, they will benefit from a broad range of products, including the Southern African Development Community (SADC), which could increase their earnings.

Andy Jury also continued by stating the numerous benefits Mukuru agents stand to gain. According to him, Mukuru is one of the fastest-growing and most promising fintech businesses in the region. Thus, previous Zoona agents have a lot to gain. They will not only have access to funds movement in broader areas but also have the backing of cutting edge technology and infrastructure.


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