Angola Linked to the Outside World with SACS Cables

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The South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) is the first direct link that will connect Africa to South America. SACS is a subsea cable that has a capacity of 40 Tbps. Furthermore, the cable will cover 6,500 km to Fortaleza in Brazil. Installation of SACS started in the town of Quissama the Angolan coast. The Angola Cables got nearer to the completion of the construction on 9th August 2018.

Angolan Minister of Telecommunications and Technologies attended the launch. Also, there were guests of Angola Cables, international business leaders, and shareholders. The installation is of much help to Angola in advancing its regional digital economy. It will also help it improve its communication with the outside world. The project will develop a pattern change in the telecommunication sector in Africa.  This will be possible after completion of Internet Exchange Points and data centers.

America is the biggest center for the aggregation and production of digital services. The time to access those services and content for Angola will improve five times. It now takes around 300 milliseconds to link Angola to Brazil. Using SACS the time spends between sent and received data will reduce to 60 milliseconds. The country is emerging as the communication hub in the sub-Saharan region. Moreover, the current cable system will also increase economic growth. This is apart from improving connectivity.

The bordering nations with Angola will also enjoy the cables. High connectivity will also help tech companies to improve their operations. But, the most important part of the installation is the installation phase on the Angolan shores. This is because requires many interaction and activities.  That is the highest risk and critical period. However, there is high cable and team protection that proves how the project is well planned.


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