Another one by Google: An Artificial Intelligence Research Center in Ghana

Google sets artificial intelligence centre in Ghana

Ghana is now set to receive an artificial intelligence research center thanks to Google. The one-of-a-kind project is a part of the recent string of investment Google is making in Africa. This research center is meant to implement artificial intelligence in different areas such as education, agriculture, as well as healthcare. Based on Google’s statement through their blog post, they are promising to show their commitment by collaborating with some of the local universities as well as research centers. Additionally, the tech company is also seeking to work with policymakers in improving some of the potential areas where artificial intelligence will be impactful across Africa.

Plans are underway to open the artificial intelligence center in Ghana later in the year. In this center, Google will include machine learning researchers as well as engineers. This move is part of the promise the company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, pledged during his last year’s visit in Lagos, Nigeria where. Sundar said that Google would continue being committed to raising the profile of Africa and declared new investments across different African startups as part of Google’s Launchpad Accelerator in Africa. Furthermore, Google also launched a unique version of YouTube, which was developed for the sake of some of their African users who have or are experiencing low internet connectivity.

It is not doubtful regarding the company’s commitment to developing technology across Africa, and this comes at a crucial time that the continent is receiving international funding from different international entities. United Nation projects that in 30 years, Africa will be the home of about 25% of the world’s 9 billion population. This represents a big market margin for investors who are planning for the moment when most of Africa’s developing economies will be on an upward trajectory. Other companies such as Facebook have as well shown interest in improving and developing Africa. For instance, last month, they launched a technology hub in Lagos that is meant to host startup incubators. Moreover, there are numerous investments developed for the sake of Africa such as launching satellites to improve the accessibility of internet to sub-Sahara Africa.

The keen attention in research and learning on Africa’s tech landscape is a good signal the continent rising! Can’t wait to write on technology in Africa in the next 30 years!


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