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Applying for Home Loan Easily with WeApply


TechInAfrica – A digital home loan application platform is available in South Africa, known as WeApply. This platform intends to make the application process for a home loan easier than the common platform.   

Launched at the beginning of this month, WeApply utilizes the industry-approved security protocols and data encryption to ensure that the customers’ data is safe while not doing the application process. 

WeApply Chief Executive Officer, Mark Bruyns explains that WeApply is different from traditional home loan application methods where customers should fill the paperwork and submit it to a single preferred lender. In WeApply, customers can get application forms and scanned support documents. In line with what is expected by customers in the 21st century. 

WeApply team will always assist its customers with their application and have direct access to the lenders’ processing team. So, customers will not only put their face into the platform and never use it again. The plus point of this platform is when a lender rejects your loan, WeApply will employ the lender in your position. 

The firm mentions that the WeApply application technology platform is fair and allows applicants to get comparable offers from multiple lenders. 

WeApply is currently making a contest where people can win a share of R100 000 in prizes from Twizza, Clarke and Son, The Cavern Resort and Spa, Drakensberg, Daddy’s Deals, designer home furnishings Afrikan Fantasy by Mirriam Ngomani. It also involved the renowned Portuguese wine brand Mateus to name but a few.



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