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A Direct Access to Azure Peering Service Offered by NAPAfrica


TechInAfrica – It is great news for businesses using the Azure service. NAPAfrica has revealed that its members will have direct access to the Microsoft Azure Peering Service. 

The new move to provide direct access aims to decrease the reaction time between users and Microsoft’s Azure services. This direct access will increase the connectivity when utilizing the cloud service uch as Office 365, Software-as-a-Service applications or other Microsoft services on the public web.

The Manager of Interconnection and Peering at Teraco, Andrew Owens said that besides collaborating with the services to supply highly reliable and optimized internet connectivity to Microsoft services, the peering service also provides Internet time interval measurement and route monitoring, and warning against crime, leaks and any other Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) mis-configuration. 

Other advantages that this direct access service brings to the table include:

  • High-speed data transfer – 1G, 10G and 100G port options.
  • No minimum Bandwidth requirements
  • Improved fault tolerance.
  • Traffic insights such as latency reporting and prefix monitoring.
  • Optimum Network Hops (AS Hops) from Microsoft’s Cloud.
  • Route analytics and statistics – Events for Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) route anomalies (leak/hijack detection), and suboptimal routing
  • Low-cost peering: no membership, port or cross-connect fees

The infrastructure provided by Interconnection and Peering is locally excess and helps failover in various locations, bringing geo-redundancy. This gives a high performance connectivity with the lowest possible response time. This service does not require the minimum bandwidth since it is available at all NAPAfrica internet exchanges across South Africa, or wherever Microsoft is connected. 



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