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Tarsus Has Distribution Rights for TeamViewer in Africa

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TechInAfrica – COVID-19 leads some businesses to experience an extreme situation that forces their employees to work from home. This regulation aims to prevent the virus infection between one employee to another. 

This current condition also brings new problems for businesses, for the remote working particularly. For that reason, Tarsus has informed that it now has distribution rights for TeamViewer in Africa. For those who are not familiar with TeamViewer, it is part of software that is designed to the needs of share screen, conduct meetings, and more.

Through this, Tarsus hopes to help resellers increase the value they offer to their clients through technical support. Using TeamViewer, resellers could help customers control, manage and repair devices remotely at any time.

By having this distribution right, Tarsus expects to support re-seller to uplift the value they bring to clients through technical support. Re-seller are able to assist their customers to control, manage and repair devices remotely at any time by using TeamViewer. 

The director of sales at TeamViewer, Rajesh Nakarajan said that the partnership brings a powerful chance for the South African ICT channel to supply various services and features for remote PC access from many different platforms. 

Users of TeamViewer are able to overcome a problem using augmented reality as a new feature for doing that has been added to TeamViewer’s Pilot smartphone app. 

The General Manager for Cybersecurity and Software at Tarsus Distribution, Alan Hawkins stated that now Tarsus is in the process of constructing a complete endpoint security stack for some time and developing its offering to add the extra services above the security. Tarsus chose TeamViewer since it meets both of those requirements for helping South Africans to work remotely, managing the environment outside of the local area network (LAN) and ensuring workforce productivity. 



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