Benefits of Google Accelerator Program to Nigerian Startups


Google Accelerator Program is an initiative that was started 26 years ago. The program hosted its fifth class since the launch. Moreover, it hosts startups which are important in the market. The initiators of the program discovered that technology offers a ready market. Such markets guarantee growth of technology. Moreover, the people who will ensure that the growth takes place are tech startups. A good example is India where there are around 100 million people using the internet. Africa also has around 100 million people using the internet. These are the two regions where most of the growth is going to take place.

For that number to increase one must have knowledge of what is happening so as to partner with the right mindful people. Such important people are those in the program. The classes have always hosted most of the outstanding startups globally. They bring a good idea to the floor of the classes. Apart from this program Google also facilitates regional and local programs. The company has managed to host such like programs in Lagos, South Africa, and Nairobi. There is such program that will take place in Lagos in March 2018. This is not only meant for Nigeria but for the African startups.

Google has a great commitment to Africa and that is why it is taking most of its programs in Africa. The company hopes to train 10 million Africans. They are also hoping to help them improve their platforms for growth. This proves that Google is sure with the growth of African technology. The number of internet users from Nigeria and the rest of Africa are going to increase. Furthermore, Facebook is also giving African startups a new look. The platform is changing how startups view ecosystem and the present opportunities. This will go on for long.

In 2017 one startup that attended the program took home around $1 million grant. The startup did not expect to get such amount of money that was equity free. The grand has helped the startup to improve its services. This is just one of the many things that the program has done and it aims at doing much. But for one to be selected for the program one undergoes through a demanding process. Moreover, those selected must be at growth stage rather than the early stage. Furthermore, they have to show their market worth. Selection is usually carried out at the end of a single class.

The strongest part of the program is the mentorship part. This is attributed to the fact that Google has the expert program. To become a mentor one has to have both knowledge and experience. One should also be willing to share that knowledge and experience. The main point here is how ready one is willing to give back what they already have. The mentorship workshops are usually carried out carefully. Moreover, in most cases, the participants are usually referred. Mentors are found in every corner of the world.

The program has also helped many startups to grow. The program is helping to develop greater companies in a quicker way. This is done through good advice and funding. However, Nigeria still has many challenges affecting the startups. A good example is lack of data on the market. Startups are using such opportunities to grow. Startups are the ones that build data by trying to learn more about the market. Data is more important to a startup than money. This is because data is what makes one understand the market and also tell the importance of what one is doing. However, the government should be supportive of such programs. Furthermore, the government should heavily invest in technology. A good example is India which is doing great because it invested in training institutes. This should not be a short-term initiative. The government is the only body that can run such programs.


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