Cape Networks’ Acquisition to Help HEP Realize $ 620million in Revenue

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The South African Sensor-Based Service Cape Networks was founded in 2014. The startup is located in San Francisco, Cape Town in South Africa. The company uses sensors to generate assurance services, test application & networks. The company through Root Venture raised a seven-figure dollar seed fund.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) declared an interest to buy Cape Networks soon. Negotiation is ongoing and is planned to end either in late this month or early next month. Yet, HPE did not disclose the amount of acquisition. Cape Networks will form part of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Aruba division. HPE will extend the artificial intelligence (AI) strengths of Aruba. The company will give more priority to Aruba NetInsight. NetInsight will aid in the expansion of Aruba’s mobile technology. The initiative improves assurance & AI-based analytics. The total impact results in optimization of network performance in the region.

The incorporation will foster provision of assurance and AI- analytics diverse disciplines. The different environments include Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and cloud among others. The other Cape Networks integration benefit entails network sensors by the IT organization. The network sensors helps in problem optimization especially cloud applications and on premises.

According to Antonio Neri the HPE CEO, the acquisition fits the company’s future strategy. The company usually focuses to achieve the vision for complete IT system development. The vision reduces disruptions and improves IT management. It also helps in ensuring good performance and quality services delivered to customers. The company products and services in Aruba grew by 9% and generated revenue worth 620 million.



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