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Catalyst Fund Launched Circle of Corporate Innovators

source: Catalyst Fund (Twitter)

TechInAfrica – The tech accelerator Catalyst Fund formed the Circle of Corporate Innovators on Tuesday (15/06), a partnership that will facilitate the startup-corporate dynamic in the tech scene.

“Corporate leaders have a significant role to play in facilitating the growth of inclusive tech in our markets. They bring a deep understanding of the market and its nuances, as well as a wide user base with whom they’ve already built trust,” Maelis Carraro, Managing Director of Catalyst Fund said.

“These industry leaders, however, stand to benefit from the agility, innovation, and flexibility offered by startup solutions, which can enable them to provide more value to their customers and accelerate their journey towards digital innovation.”

 “As a proprietary investment firm with a very significant commitment to improving financial services delivery across Africa, partnering with Catalyst Fund is an opportunity to accelerate our vision of reaching the last mile with practical and empowering solutions. We are excited by the sheer possibilities that lay ahead,” said Gbenga Omolokun, Executive Director Group Risk, Compliance & Technology at VFD Group Plc.

“At Ecobank, innovation is a growth engine and at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to building and working with the entrepreneurship ecosystem across Africa to drive this innovation. The partnership with Catalyst Fund is a major step in building a framework for a productive engagement with startups and other key stakeholders to make this a success”, said Nvalaye Kourouma, Chief Digital Officer at Ecobank.

Quoted from Ventureburn, the network is trying to enhance its capacity to source, assess, and test, and deliver innovations to customers in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, SA, Mexico, and India.

Thea Skolowski, the Head of Marketing and Communications for the Catalyst Fund can be reached for more information.



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