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Sabelo Lidani on His Startup Contour Enviro Group Recent Annual Turnover

source: Contour Enviro Group (Facebook); In frame: Sabelo Lindani (right), with Catherine Wijnberg (left) from Fetola

TechInAfrica –  Behind the achievement of the Cape Town-based startup Contour Enviro Group with its doubled annual turnover is Sabelo Lidani, the founder.

On the company’s growth within the first year from R700 000 to R1.4m, Lidani says it has been an amazing journey for him. He adds, “and the growth in my business has been wonderful. We started on the program with three employees at the beginning of the program and now we have 5.”

It started in 2017 as an environmental consulting. It also offers capacity development service and assistance in quality management administration, environmental education specifically in the environmental and tourism sectors.

As winner of the Tholoana Award, he talked a bit about how the program has impacted him, and how his mentor played an important role in his resilience.

“Entrepreneurship is exciting and scary at the same time,” he says. “The assistance and support we received on the program helped us refocus. What really helped me was having a mentor who would not let me give up, even when I wanted to. The program has taken me from a point where I wasn’t confident in what I was doing and not having a solid vision until this point.”

He also said that the startup will continue its solutions and assistance to the environmental sectors.

“Through working alongside local farmers in the community, we will assist them in becoming environmentally compliant before they export their produce to international markets.”



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