Chaka and TradingView partnership to promote boderless digital investing for Africans


Chaka, a digital investment platform, just announced a strategic partnership with TradingView, the online charting platform to look out for investment opportunities in the global markets. This partnership comes in the wake of Chaka receiving an SEC fintech license and attracting $1.5 million in seed round funding.

The new partnership makes Chaka the first African brokerage platform to TradingView for Africa’s retail investors and businesses. This collaboration gives Chaka’s clients access to advanced tools that help in trading analysis, a wide trading community with real-time trading ideas, account support, and personal onboarding.

Tosin Osibodu, the CEO of Chaka Technologies described the partnership with Chaka as a mission alignment that enables “ borderless digital investing for every African.” He further described the partnership as “strategic“. TradingView’s General Manager Pierce Crosby expressed intent on “building on top of this partnership.”

The partnership will see Chaka use their brokerage accounts on TradingView’s platform to trade directly and enjoy the platform’s community features and analytical tools alongside Chaka’s pricing, execution speed, and hands-on customer support. TradingView’s has an investment online community with over 15.5 million active investors.


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