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Connect, the new delivery service by Uber in Egypt

Uber Connect

Uber launched a delivery tech solution “Connect” to enable users to request deliveries and send packages through the Uber app. Uber Connect is part of the company’s pledge to help people move anything during the COVID-19 pandemic. Egypt is the first MENA country that Uber has rolled out this service.

Uber Connect has launched two services; where users send packages to friends and family, and a stop and shop service where drivers pick deliveries on behalf of users. The app helps users go about their daily activities and connect while maintaining social distancing.

“By launching Uber Connect, we are taking a step forward to accelerate our efforts to keep our community safe, which has been our goal since the start of COVID-19,” said Ahmed Khalil the General Manager of Uber Egypt.

Uber Connect is now available as one of the product options when one opens the app. You can open the Uber app then enter the location you want it picked and destination dropped, then pick “Connect” from the vehicle option requests. For now, the packages must be under 10 kg and less than LE 1000 in value.

Senders should ask couriers to pick-up laundry, buy groceries, and other small items on behalf of Uber Connect. The process is fairly simple. First, contact the store to make sure the order is ready for pick-up, open your Uber app, and select that Store as the pick-up location then adds your drop off point. Finally, select “Connect.”

Uber Connect is now present in Egypt after a successful trial run in Canada, the US, Mexico, and Australia.


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