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New Avatars by Facebook for Sub-Saharan Africa


Facebook has launched Avatars in Africa to encourage better self-expression. An avatar is a digitized persona that helps users communicate in Facebook and messenger in a personalized-dynamic way. You can use your avatar to share emotions and expressions through our unique digital profile. The Avatars comprise of stickers packs and GIF integrations.

We interact with avatars every day in Messenger, Stories, chats, comments, and text backgrounds. Sometimes they save us time expressing emotion when we are tired of texting or unable to express it due to the language barrier. It gets easier to express emotions and feelings when communicating with friends and family. Turns out the new avatars are customizable from their hairstyles, outfits, and complexions. There are even avatars that express solidarity during the COVID-19 season.

To use one of the new avatars, go to Facebook/ Messenger comment composer, touch the ‘smiley’ button if you are using a smartphone, then click the sticker tab after which you can create our avatar.

As part of her statement during the press release, Facebook Regional Director Nunu Ntshingila said, “Facebook is home to some of your most personal content and we want to allow people to share and react to that content in the most personalised way possible.”

We’re excited to give people more options to convey their identity on Facebook, allowing them to share in a more personal, light-hearted way,” she added.


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