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Nigeria’s Enov8 solutions launch a new product, eVisit


Enov8 Solutions Limited, an Innovation Technology company based in Lagos, Nigeria has been offering technological solutions to companies across all industries. The company provides top-notch products and services by leveraging technology in its business processes and operations. This inspired the name of the new product – eVisit.

The automated visitor management platform (eVisit) streamlines the check-in process for visitors to your premise. eVisit has Covid-19 health & safety features, i.e a touchless sign-in process and digitized questionnaires on visitor screens.

eVisit was built with the interests of corporate at mind. During the pandemic, businesses are looking for lean ways to go about their activities without exposing themselves to the risk of COVID-19. Enov8 Solutions offers services to residential communities, workplaces, and government offices where users gain access through automated pre-registers, approval or disapproval visits, screens, secure facilities, and visitor tracing abilities in the event of an emergency.

“The question is, what happens when the tacky register gets filled-up or lost? Nothing! We felt that such data can be useful to track, trace, and analyze should the need arise or should there be an emergency that shows-up.Richmond Ogigai, CEO and VP Enov8 Solutions.

For details on eVisit check out details

Enov8 solutions website


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