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Digital Afrique Telecom launches smart delivery app for businesses

Customers can order for products while at home and get them delivered at their doorstep

Digital Afrique Telecom DAT map

Digital Afrique Telecom (DAT) has launched its Smart delivery app. The application is tailored to make business transactions simpler and better.

Business and clients and can use the Smart delivery application to order and deliver products. The delivery service of any business is now going to be better than ever.

Customers will be able to look upon the available stock and order their preferred product. Using DAT, the customer can also indicate their preferred delivery point of the ordered goods.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are still able to stay in track offering the necessary services to their esteemed customer and still observe the health measures.

Customers can order for products while at home and get them delivered at their doorstep using the Smart Delivery Application. DAT has simply connected businesses and their customers using an online platform to ensure everyone remains safe in their place.

The Smart Delivery app brings convenience and time saving to delivering agents. It is now easier to monitor who is delivering what product and where. Stocktaking is also easier since it is computed according to each staff’s daily deliveries.

Customers can get a delivery notification using the app or initiate a call when need be. Businesses can monitor in real-time their stock, orders they get, and sales are done using the delivery model.

Another one of DAT’s products is a Whatsapp chatbot which is linked to the smart delivery app. Using the chatbot, clients can also order products following a step-by-step procedure from an auto-Whatsapp account.



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