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Egyptian based startup, Khazenly receives $2.5 million in seed


Khazenly, a network for digital warehousing and fulfillment based in Cairo, has gotten $2.5 million in seed funding to expand its facilities 

Arzan Venture Capital, which focuses on innovative, early-stage companies, and Shorooq Partners, which focuses on seed-stage tech investments throughout MENAP, led the funding round together. Among the other backers were Averroes Ventures, Camel and several angel investors.

Khazenly is shaping the prospect of e-commerce in Egypt. It was started in the middle of 2021 by Mohamed Younes, chief executive officer; Mohamed Montasser, chief experience officer; Ahmed Dewidar, chief technology officer; Osama Aljammali, chief commercial officer. With the Company’s easy, cheap, and clear omnichannel solution, merchants can grow their businesses and make more of their fulfillment processes digital.

Merchants can develop and scale their businesses with Khazenly’s user-friendly and technology-driven platform, high-calibre and experienced team, and network of market-leading partners. co-founder and current CEO Mohamed Younes said

I’m happy to tell you that our seed funding round went well, which means we can build on what we’ve already done and make Khazenly a regional leader in logistics and fulfillment as we shape the future of e-commerce in Egypt and beyond.

The start-up wants to increase the number of data-driven products it offers, like its best-selling Mobile Dark Stores. These stores help merchants by ensuring they have enough stock in their warehouses to meet market demand. They also help customers by making sure they get their orders on time.

Khazenly will use the money to improve its services and products and build three times as many facilities as the company has now. 

As Khazenly maintains its robust growth pathway throughout 2022, it will be better positioned to expand its presence in neighbouring regions.


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