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Kenya construction tech startup, Jumba has raised $ 1 million in a pre-seed round.





Jumba has successfully raised one million dollars in funding through a pre-seed round led by Enza Capital, a Business-to-business construction technology platform.

Investors in the round included First Check Africa, Future Africa,Seedstars International Ventures, Logos Ventures and Chandaria Capital.

Miano Njoka, and Kagure Wamunyu started the construction technology platform Jumba. It makes it easier for businesses to purchase and fund building materials on a business-to-business (B2B) basis.

Africa’s population is snowballing and moving to cities. Mike Momoi, the managing partner of Enza Capital, says that the construction industry is a crucial economic engine that helps Africa grow sustainably.

We are thrilled to help Kagure and the amazing team-building Jumba in an industry worth $10 trillion that hasn’t been changed by technology yet.

Wamunyu said that she got the idea for Jumba from her work as a  real estate developer when she had to deal with things like changing prices and stock-outs when buying building materials.




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