eLearningAfrica Partners With CAFRAD


eLearnAfrica is an online learning education platform that aims at connecting multi-organizational capabilities. The platform signed an agreement with the African Training and Research Center in Administration for Development (CAFRAD). The later helps with the design and development of programs that support e-learning across Africa.  The initiative was signed by eLearnAfrica’s CEO Brook Negussie and CAFRAD’s Director General Dr. Stephane Monney. The signing took place at the CAFRAD headquarters in Morocco.

Launched in 1964, CAFRAD enjoys the support of the UNESCO and many African countries. Furthermore, it is the first research and training center to be launched in Pan-Africa. Currently, it has a total of 37 members from African countries with South Africa included. According to Negussie the good relationship between the two will help the startup to closely work with the African governments. This will help improve an understanding of the advantage and capability of online education. They will also work to foster practical taste in the design and issuing of online degrees.

eLeraningAfrica has more than 1,000 courses from the best universities. This is through a partnership with FutureLearn and edX that includes Cambridge, MIT, and Harvard.  It also offers development of professions in 175 highly demanded vocational and career paths. This comprises of networking, software development, and business administration. Dr. Monney says that the initiative and several others will be the main point of focus of the conference which will be co-hosted by CAFRAD in 2018. It will involve the participation of various partners in academia and different governments. The initiative will help in shaping the level of online learning within the continent. This will help in improving on the level of education acquisition throughout Africa.  Provision of affordable and reliable education has been one of the challenging factors in many developing countries in Africa. Coming in of such organizations will be of much help to many individuals. This will then help in improving the economy.


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