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Epic Game Store’s Black Friday Sale Does Not Have Attractive Coupons


TechInAfrica – Like every store on the planet, Epic Games Store also uses Black Friday to sell its products. However, the sale this year is different, it is less attractive since this store lacks coupons. 

Most Epic Games Store sales in the past usually come with a free $10 coupon. Consumers can use these coupons to purchase everything they want in the games, DLC, and anything else offered by Epic Games Store. Commonly, this coupon was automatically given to those who had an active account. It can be used on the sale that was a part of or kept for later. 

The only weakness of these coupons is that it requires a minimum purchase of $14.99 and is only active for a specific time. However, apart from that, it was a rather good deal.

Unluckily, there are no coupons that have time on the Black Friday sale, which is running now and continues until December. 

Although it sounds like complaining, the coupons came to build up the great number of missing features that customers should face when purchasing something on this platform. Compared to Steam, you are missing out on Remote Play, global achievements, a user marketplace, and much more.

It is almost 2021, but Epic Games Store still lacks on the basket or another way to purchase many games at once. 

Apart from that lack of coupons, there are some deals to be had. It is the Epic Games discount up to 75 percent off.



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