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WHO Equipped South Sudan With ICT For Data Welfare


TechInAfrica – WHO donated ICT (Information, Communication, and Technology) equipment this week on Wednesday, 14th of August with funding from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of South Sudan. The ICT equipment will support the expanded program of EPI (immunization data management) and the roll-out of DHIS 2 (District Health Information Software 2) for both the national and state levels, which includes Abyei Administrative area of South Sudan.

The donation to the Ministry of Health includes:

  • 33 desktop computers
  • 34 all-in-1 printers (printer, scanner, and copiers)
  • 7 laptop and carrying cases
  • 7 docking pack
  • 40 external hard drive (1 TB)

The pieces of equipment above will be distributed to the Ministry of Health’s national monitoring and evaluation office, the 32 states, and to Abyei Administrative area of South Sudan. These donations were presented in a ceremony at Juba’s Ministry of Health, presided over by Dr. Makur Matur Kariom, the undersecretary in Ministry of Health.

Dr Olu handing over the ICT equipment to Dr Makur, Undersecretary, Ministry of Health via

The WHO Representative for South Sudan, Dr. Olushayo Olu sees the strengthening of the technical aspect of the system hosting health information is a very pivotal matter in order for the decision-makers in all the levels identifying the problems and needs of the said health system while creating a set of evidence-based decisions. Olu praised the Ministry of Health due to the commitment they engaged in building a more matured, stable, and reliable health system within the country.


Dr. Makur thanked WHO for immense support after receiving the donation.  He emphasized that this was not the first time that WHO has provided support to the Ministry of Health of South Sudan. Dr. Makur urged the beneficiaries to make the best use of the donation for improved and efficient data delivery in the country.



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