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Ethio Telecom And  Ericsson Plan to Launch 4G Network for South West Ethiopia

credit: Ericsson

TechInAfrica – In 2021, Ethio Telecom joined forces with Ericsson to enlarge its 4G services into the South West region of Ethiopia. This partnership becomes the principal step corresponding to the country’s program to present global investors and partners into Ethiopia’s monopoly-laden and virtually untapped telecoms space.

Ethio Telecom, a service provider plans to utilize Ericsson Radio System products and solutions for the network expansion. Ethio Telecom’s regional data centers and the data centers in Addis Ababa will be the place where the core expansion begins.

Ethio Telecom believes Ericsson can help the company to revamp its network by moving from the present Operations Support Systems (OSS) systems to the more advanced and high-capacity Ericsson Network Manager (ENM).

Ericsson Cloud Packet Core and Ericsson NFVI (Network Functions Virtualisation Infrastructure) are also presented by Ethio Telecom as part of the modernization effort. To build the 4G Network, Ethio Telecom will use Ericsson Radio System products.

The development of the 4G Network comes from telecom when the request for a 4G network in the country is rapidly growing. Recently, Ericsson’s Mobility Report mentioned that 4G subscriptions surged by approximately 100 million globally during the first quarter of 2021.

Frehiwot Tamru, CEO of Ethio Telecom stated that telecom was enthusiastic to partner with Ericsson to develop its 4G/LTE Advanced service. This partnership will lead to high-speed internet in the South West region, which becomes the crucial part of accomplishing Ethiopia’s digitalization target while enhancing the reach of telebirr, Ethio Telecom’s mobile money service.

Tamru added that the company realizes if digitalization has a high prospective to raise the sustenance of Ethiopians while boosting a path to financial, healthcare, education, and services. Ethio Telecom also thinks that its partnership with Ericsson will lead them one step forward to a digital Ethiopia.



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