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Evolve New Social Media Strategies at SocialCon Johannesburg


TechInAfrica – Social media plays a significant part in the everyday lives of most people. It helps us to stay connected, stay aware of what’s going on in our local societies (and sometimes, the world), and most importantly it serves as a platform of expression via virtual communities and networks. With the ever-growing scene of information technology, it seems that almost everyone is at least active on one or two social media platforms—the most popular being Twitter and Instagram. SocialCon Johannesburg, however, will also help content creators by sparking new ideas and establishing new approach strategies on social media.

The event will be held in Cape Town on October 10th, and in Durban on November 20th, 2019; after previously being held in Johannesburg itself on September 5th. Served in this year’s SocialCon, content creators will learn storytelling in the digital space—effectively preparing themselves to overcome future challenges. In addition, content creators will learn the best ways to optimize photos and videos, besides monitoring ROI in terms of investment.

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Not only to incubate new and existing ideas, content creators will also receive helpful tips on how to tackle issues regarding their online profile management, as well as to grow their reach in various aspects. Limitless and not restricted to merely posting updates, ways to attract and draw potential followers will also be emphasized—how content creators should reach out to audience to increase their visibility on the web.

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Social Media and technology changed business communications forever. Business can no longer ignore the impact of Social Media Marketing.

Indeed, businesses are now forced to adapt towards the growing scene of social media—as many have taken elaborated steps in moving their publications through platforms of various social media. Aside from the feasibility to reach out numerous layers of society, social media marketing serves relatively better benefits compared to other methods of broadcast.



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