Express Wi-Fi connectivity app launched in Low-Income Countries on Facebook

Express Wi-Fi connectivity

Surf sells 1GB data bundle at a cost of $1 or Kshs. 100 in Kenya.  The price is relatively cheap compared to the Safaricom company 1GB data bundle cost $5 or Kshs. 500. Tizeti startup sells 1GB at $1.40 USD. It is worthwhile to note that Facebook Express Wi-Fi services help the subscriber to cut the cost of internet although not completely free.  The Google’s free Wi-Fi services are operating current in Mexico and Indonesia. The local ISP Surf and the Internet Solutions are the main Facebook partners in Kenya. The average connectivity in Kenya is approximated to be 1,000 hotspots.  In Nigeria, the ISP startup Tizeti is the main Facebook partner.

Besides Kenya and Nigeria, Facebook Express Wi-Fi service also operates in Indonesia, Tanzania, India, and Mexico. The Indian regulator TRAI in 2016 curtailed the Facebook’s first free Wi-Fi services initiative due to wrangles of network neutrality. The integrated paid facebook internet services are available the four States of India.  The approximated connectivity capacity is about 700 hotspots spread across the four states.

Express Wi-Fi connectivity and hotspot finder app projects were launched last week on Facebook. The initiatives will be made available on theGoogle Play store. The move is part of the facebook mission of making relatively low-cost Internet connection in Africa and Asia market segments. The app will allow internet users to obtain Wi-Fi data bundles through Facebook Express hotspots.  The Express Wi-Fi subscribers were to download the app through browser resetting the phone to enable the service previously.

The app is available in Kenya, India, and Indonesia as from Monday, March 19, 2018, according to this news report.


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