The Opening of Joburg’s Startups Opportunity Centre

South Africa, Joburg’s Startups Opportunity Centre, Leah Knott

The first opportunity centre was launched on 14 Match in Marshalltown. The centre will play significant roles by mentoring entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners. Establishment of 14 business opportunity centres was an effort supported by City of Johannesburg’s Economic Development Department. The initiative started last year during the entrepreneurship symposium. Additionally, five more centres are yet to be open in the near future not later than June this year. In partnership with mart Procurement, Discovery, Absa and mart Procurement, the centre will act as a strategic entry point for more SMMEs.  The participants’ enterprises will benefit from funding access, company registration economic infrastructure and tendering training activities.

According to Leah Knott, the MMC for Economic Development, development of this centre will improve financial support in the city. She added that the movement will ensure the realization of five percent economic growth come 2021. The initiative mainly targets startups and small, medium and micro-sized enterprises (SMMEs). She further explained that sustainable business models assist in unemployment reduction by a double digit. The centralized employment seeker’s Desk is planned to be enforced by June this year. Another centre known as (Innovation Desk) is postulated for launching at the same time frame. The centre will focus on assisting young business individuals to secure chances of sharing their peculiar entrepreneurial ideas.

Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba pointed out that key mandate of business centre is to nurture young entrepreneurs. The Mayor added that the centre came at the right time where there is one out three unemployed colleagues in the city. Despite the fact that the number of unemployment rate keeps increasing, the centre will be the only initiative to mitigate the problem. Mr. Mashaba encouraged the partnership negotiations with productivity SA, Innovation Hub, Small Business Development Agency (Seda), Saica among others. The local students termed the centre as the ‘Khoebo Opportunity Centre’.

All interested and potential business people are reminded to pay a visit at the Samancor Building 9th flow along Marshall Street for inquiries and assistance.


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