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Ubiquiti’s UniFi, A Wi-Fi Enterprise For Big Office Environments


TechInAfrica – Ubiquiti delivers with its enterprise Wi-Fi solution called the UniFi system. It’s built upon a fully-integrated software-defined network (SDN) platform for all your Wi-Fi, surveillance, and networking devices. The company combines UniFi hardware and UniFi’s Network Management controller to enable management from a single platform, thus making it possible for network administrators to manage and monitor the network remotely from a single interface, which in turn, creating better network agility, flexibility, and improved performance.

UniFi offers a promising advantage for enterprise Wi-Fi in large office environments, such as allowing users to seamlessly roam switch between access points that are easily managed by administrators from a single interface, as already mentioned, on or off-site. Its SDN platform also completes the needs of multibranch originations with its software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN). Its design allows connected branches to a central network and for administrators gaining the rights to control and adjust each branch and its security functions from a specific location.


The UniFi product range from Multi-User MIMo technology for power performance in the spectrum ranging from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz, mesh technology for unlimited scalability that enable user to build wireless networks according to user’s preference, which is specifically useful in the hospitality industry where enormous Wi-Fi networks with central guest and staff management are significant. As a user, you also grant access restrictions such as separating SSID and applying a scheduled access policy to it. This is intended for home-use when you want to set limited access time to your kids.

UniFi has therefore been used in many hotels, businesses and restaurants, and for customers’ recommendations for a stable Wi-Fi connection. Topped with an affordable price, UniFi has the proper settings to suit user’s requirements. Whether in an enterprise, hospitality, home-use, or public access use, with an SDN platform that allows device discovery, provisioning, and management of your entire devices, UniFi is a Wi-Fi system worth your budget.



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