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Fall Guys’ Latest Crossover Is With Doom

credit: Fall Guys

TechInAfrica – After some teasing, it has been announced that the following franchise to be spoken to in Fall Guys by way of a costume is Doom.

Regardless of the less than the detailed image, it is simple to see that the costume will be founded on the upgraded Praetor Suit from Doom Eternal. The shoulder-mounted explosive launcher, which was added for the game, is available in the Fall Guys ensemble.

As darkness is utilized here to conceal a portion of the details, we knock up the splendor. However, there is not much else to see. As the Praetor Suit is generally symmetrical, beside the projectile launcher, this was only a snappy request to check whether anything was covered up in the dark here. 

Crossovers appear to be the best -known approach to get some cosmetics content in your game recently.

Fall Guys just featured Godzilla and Sonic the Hedgehog, with even more to come in the future.

Fortnite, on the other hand, just wrapped up a massive Marvel crossover that saw 15.3 million concurrent players taking on Galactus. As soon as that new season began and The Mandalorian was throwing in too.

It seems that we are arriving at something of a massive amount here with enormous live games seeking different franchises for tempting cosmetics and occasions. We are not generally whining – the Galactus occasion, specifically, was done – yet now, you can depend on these games highlighting pretty much every character you appreciate.

As Homer Simpson said when he was in LEGO Dimensions: it is not selling out, but it is co-branding.



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