The Fastest Internet Finally in Malawi

Internet in Malawi

We have seen a good number of countries piloting different types of networks in the past. For instance, recently, South African’s MTN piloted its 5G network. This shows that there is a great need of a reliable and fast network in many countries.  The high growth of technology plays a big role in the improvements. Malawi is also not left behind in the network revolution.

Malawi will have its fastest internet service before the end of February 2018. The Malawi National Optic Fibre Backbone Project handles the rolling out of the network. Meanwhile, the government started the project back in April 2017. The project aims at digitizing and integrating government operating systems. It will improve the quality of Information Communication and Telecommunication services (ICT). Moreover, the first phase of the project is already done in the best way. The main project will come to an end in February 2018.

The project will also improve the Integrated Financial Management Systems (IFMIS). It was noted that many public servants used to steal public money via the platform. The government will also have an easy time to check the ghost workers in the public services.  This is because it links the human resource system. Moreover, it will help the country to have dated data for the right government employees. The only remaining part is to get to the people and sensitize them on the project. The public should focus on the influence of the technology to the country’s economy.

The movement from analog to digital world by brings the best internet to the country. The time is ripe for the locals to feel and test the best internet connectivity in the land. The internet will attract many investors, and it will improve the economic growth. The sharing of business ideas will also be faster than previous. The project will make the country the third country in Africa to be linked to the outside world. Huawei Technologies Company of the People’s Republic of China is the project facilitator. Moreover, all the 28 districts in Malawi will get the internet.


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