How Sudan Applies Drones in Agriculture

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Some parts of Sudan are becoming uninhabitable since drought keeps swallowing semi-deserts into deserts. Therefore, agriculture in these parts cannot thrive well. The conflict-ridden African state has faced decades of drought due to massive deforestation. Many farmers and villagers have no choice but to move southwards to seek for habitable lands.

Hatem Mubarak Hassan and Mohammed Alhatim Ahmed Ibrahim considered the state of Sudan and came up with drone project. They spent time together and build a drone that would help in farming. They considered a method that would reduce crop damage while increasing the yield.

Alhatim said that they decided the project to give a solution to many suffering citizens in Sudan. The sufferings of the people are linked to desertification threats and Alhatim said he felt sad to see people suffer.

The drones they came up with help in planting acacia from trees from the sky. The move of planting acacia trees will help in fighting desertification. Research also shows that acacia tree roots prevent massive sand movement.

Sudan requires technological solutions to help curb desertification. Currently, 70% of available agricultural lands in Sudan need a way to eliminate desertification.

The drones also conduct remote sensing hence checking the plant health. The health assessment helps many NGOs before making decisions. Many NGOs request access to this vital information.

Besides, Alhatim said that the country needs to adopt other forms of technology to combat desertification. He also expressed concern that people should invent other ways of combating sand movement.

Alhatim further said that he feels the pain of losing civilization, culture and a part of his native country daily. He also appealed for the unity of other citizens to combat the problem.

Alhatim also said that since they began the project, they have not bought any equipment outside the country. He said that the current situation in Sudan can kill people’s dreams. However, he said that that should not happen to them. He also pleaded with the larger community of Sudan saying that the success of the project will bring changes.


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