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Fez Delivery Rolls Out Electric Motorcycles in Nigeria to Offer Sustainable Last-Mile Delivery Services.


Leading Nigerian last-mile delivery platform Fez Delivery has launched a new line of electric motorcycles, called FEZ ECO, to provide eco-friendly and efficient transportation services. This rollout aligns with Fez Delivery’s commitment to sustainability as e-commerce booms across Nigeria.

Fez Delivery CEO Seun Alley described the electric motorcycle debut as a “monumental step” towards a greener future that complements the company’s vision for cleaner, more economical goods transportation. With Nigeria’s e-commerce market revenue projected to hit $6.7 billion in 2023 per Statista, demand is surging for affordable and environmentally responsible delivery options.

As a pioneering last-mile company bridging businesses and markets since 2018, Fez Delivery is leveraging innovation to shape a sustainable tomorrow. “Together, we’re shaping a better future, one electric mile at a time,” Alley commented on the eco-friendly milestone.

The FEZ ECO line provides multiple benefits focused on efficiency, affordability and reduced environmental impact. The electric motorcycles lower operational costs by eliminating fuel usage and maintenance expenses. With zero direct emissions and high maneuverability, they enable faster urban deliveries while decreasing carbon footprints.

Smart tracking functionalities also let customers monitor shipments in real time for added transparency. Overall, the electric solution aims to ease the burden on consumers and businesses amid Nigeria’s current economic challenges.

The launch aligns with global trends toward sustainable transportation modes. Fez Delivery seeks to empower stakeholders by adopting clean technology to enhance its services. The company’s fleet management system helps optimise routes and avoid traffic, leading to quicker deliveries.

Long-time Fez Delivery client Racheal Adetunji, CEO of ThriftWithRay, expressed confidence that the electric innovation will be a game-changer for Nigerian e-commerce. She said Fez Delivery’s commitment to pioneering solutions has continuously transformed their partnership journey.

Since its founding, Fez Delivery has rapidly expanded its SaaS platform and network to meet rising demand. It provides digital tools for fleet operators to manage on-demand deliveries. Individuals are charged per trip based on distance and load size, while businesses pay subscription fees.

In 2022, Fez Delivery facilitated over 200,000 deliveries and grew its monthly revenue by 20%. Its client portfolio includes leading brands like Flutterwave, Kuda Bank, Moniepoint and OPay. Last March, the company raised $1 million in seed funding to boost its coverage across Nigeria and beyond.

As an emerging leader in sustainable African logistics, Fez Delivery aims to become the delivery partner of choice for customers, employees and investors globally. Its electric motorcycle launch demonstrates how the company leverages innovation to drive social and environmental impact alongside business growth.



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