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Five Resources That Will Help Your Small Business


TechInAfrica – If you are planning on starting a business, there are some strategies you will need to help your business to grow. On this article, we will share five helpful resources you will need in order to develop your small business.

1. Business Startup Planner

If you want to be an entrepreneur who has great business ideas but having difficulty in planning and developing your ideas, you may need a business startup planner that is provided by Navarro College Small Business Development Center. The center provides business startup planner questionnaire in the PDF format that you can try out. It’s free and helps your ideas to be put into the world.

2. Hosting.Review

In this digital age, you will need a great website to promote your business. So, the first thing to do is establishing a website for your business. Hosting.Review is a resource that provides real information about web hosting companies. In the website, you can also find articles about top web hosting providers to boost small businesses.

3. Google My Business

Google My Business is a resource provided by Google itself to help small businesses increase their online presence in the World Wide Web. Through the resource, you can create your business profile for free and get connected to your targeted customers. This service allows you to post about location, hours, and pricing information of your business. Furthermore, you can also share your business images.

4. is an online resource that helps your (new) customers to find you easily. It’s filled with features that help people to find your business online. Even more, it also allows people to make reviews about your services and products.

5. Fundera

A fund is usually the major challenge for most business owners, especially when they just start their businesses. It’s hard to raise fund for your business until it’s well established. In fact, finding investors or making a loan from a bank is fairly difficult that some people would forget the idea of doing business.

Fundera is a one-stop online marketplace that helps small business owners to find the right lenders who offer the best rates.


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