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The Future of Tech up to 2030, from Drone Delivery to Shopping with AR


TechInAfrica — Daniel Newman, a principal analyst and founding partner at Futurum Research, says that consumers will embrace emerging technology in the next decade, with the possibility to include embedded and biometric payment systems.

Speaking at the SAS Analytics Experience 2019 in Milan last week, Newman presented “The Futurist’s Roadmap” in which he provided some idea of what the future of tech will include up to 2030.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that there will be rapid growth in the relationship between humans and machines over the next decade,” he said.

“Companies will have to strike a delicate balance between providing highly empathic human-like experiences with the instantaneous results that consumers have come to expect.

“Technology will be the bridge as data, analytics, machine learning, and AI will enable machines to deliver this balance in a more humanistic way that satisfies customers and delivers increased efficiencies to the enterprise.”

Here, Newman gave 11 predictions within the Fourth Industrial Revolution, up to the end of 2030:

  • By 2020: Augmented reality will bring the storefront into the home.
  • By 2021: Chatbots will become inherently conversational.
  • By 2022: We will see the end of the retail register.
  • By 2023: Blockchain will bring an end to fake news sources.
  • By 2024: Delivery drones will fill the skies as the mass adoption of autonomous delivery begins.
  • By 2025: More than 50% of brand-consumer communication will be between a human and AI.
  • By 2026: Industrial 3D printing will deliver personalized and locally-made goods.
  • By 2027: Unless we wear it, we share it – the sharing economy will hit mass adoption.
  • By 2028: Mobile and wearable technology will morph into implantable and embeddable technology.
  • By 2029: We will buy with our eyes, using embedded and biometric payment systems.
  • By 2030: Driverless vehicles will surpass driven vehicles as autonomous, electric vehicles take over.

Newman also launched “Experience 2030: The Future of Customer Experience” by Futurum Research and sponsored by analytics firm SAS in Milan on Wednesday, October 23.

According to the survey results, consumers are expecting to embrace new technologies by 2030:

  • 80% say they expect to accept the delivery of a product by drone or autonomous vehicles.
  • 81% say they expect to engage with chatbots.
  • 78% expect to use an augmented, virtual, or mixed reality app to see how a product will look – such as how a piece of clothing might look on a shopper or how a piece of furniture might look in a home.
  • 56% expect to be “visiting” remote locations or experiencing vacation and entertainment events through mixed reality devices by 2025.
  • 8 out of 10 expect to use a smart assistant (such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, etc.) to make an online purchase or control a smart home.
  • 78% say they expect they’ll be controlling other devices with their wearables.

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