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Girls4Tech Programme of MasterCard Reaches 1 Million Milestone


TechInAfrica – A program that focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) known as Girls4tech has been launched by MasterCard. The program that aims to educate one million girls has reached its initial goal. By 2025, the Girls4Tech program has a new and inspiring ambition to reach five million girls. 

Launched in 2014, Girls4Tech provides activities and curriculum improved on global science and math standards. Previously, the program started as a hands-on, in-person session run by employee volunteers. Now, it has broadened into new topics such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Susan Warner, Founder of Girls4Tech said that the goal of this program is to improve the basic STEM knowledge and develop critical 21st-century skills girls need for their study and career success. Girls4Tech brings girls curiosity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and they will be taught the real-world applications of those skills

Hosted in South Africa, the Girls4Tech workshops have motivated thousands of young girls in South Africa to build skills they need for the science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers. 

Suzanne Morel, Country Manager for South Africa at Mastercard added that Mastercard prioritizes inclusion driving and equal opportunity. The program aims to motivate girls to not only study STEM, but also to have careers in STEM. Not only did it important to build girls’ confidence for their careers in technology, but the skill of STEM also improved women to ensure that they have a voice in the development of the products and services of the future. 



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