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Google Street View Increases the Tourism and Hospitality Sectors in Nairobi


TechInAfrica – The advance of technology has always been a support in many aspects of life, no exception to tourism. The tourism sector, particularly in Kenya, has always used technology to boost the sector. The specific technology used by the stakeholders in Kenya is Google Street View. It is noted that the technology provides a 360-degree image of street areas. Consequently, this technology helps travelers to explore the tourist attractions and landmarks of the city.

Google Street View Impacts Nariobi's Tourism Sector
Google Street View Impacts on Nariobi’s Tourism Sector via

During the launch of the Google Street View, Kenya’s Minister for Tourism and Wildlife, Najib Balala said: ”…(Technology) will enable the global audience to virtually explore Kenya’s cities and particularly Nairobi, eventually bringing the world to the country.”

Last year, it is reported that Kenya had gained 1.4 million tourists and brought approximately US$1.2 billion.

The technology brings a direct and significant impact on travelers, explorers, and hoteliers. Moreover, not only destinations in the city are targeted but also Kenya’s top safari destinations, including the natural landscape, wildlife, and heritage.

The Jumia Travel’s Country Manager, Cyrus Onyiego said: that “tourism is very experiential, therefore the street view by Google will enable Tourism firms to market their destinations in a better visual way. It will also refine how tourists view activities in local destinations, which will go a long way in bringing the entire world to the country not only virtually, but also physically especially as we head to the high season.”

Through the launch of Google Street View in Nairobi, stakeholders in the region will progressively innovate for further development and evolvement of the sector in order to meet provider seekers’ needs for personalized experiences via virtual travel.


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