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H.A.R.P Gives African And Global Community A Chance To Speak Up 

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

TechInAfrica – The Harassment & Assault Reporting Platform (H.A.R.P) is born out of the social change initiated in Harrisburg, Pennysylvania by Winnie Okello.

African users can report any misconduct or abuse through the HARPit Buttons.

It often collects surveys across the global community on the abuse topic.

“We at H.A.R.P are very passionate and motivated to see better incident reporting rates, contextual data collection and analysis, and most importantly get to a zero-incident world. I know this is a heavy task, but we’ve got to start somewhere. We at H.A.R.P are going to do our part to help eradicate harassment and abuse from being normalized in its various degrees across the globe.”

“I gladly welcome any partnership/collaborative opportunities to spread awareness in this matter. This includes cross-platform advertising and publications, data sharing, as well as networking opportunities within the advocacy community to better serve our users worldwide.”

Currently, the initiative is still self-funded and hasn’t received a 501c3 greenlight yet.



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