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Huawei Watch Fit to Launch in Kenya

credit: Huawei

TechInAfrica – The newest wearable device known as WATCH FIT has been launched by Huawei. It becomes the first Huawei sports smartwatch to present a rounded rectangular watch face design mixing with a dazzling 1.64-inch AMOLED display, which gives itself to perform more content and a better interactive experience. This sports smartwatch will be launched immediately in Kenya, together with the likes such as Huawei GT2 and Huawei GT2 pro. 

According to Jim Zhujie, the Country Head of Huawei Kenya, people can connect in this digital era by using various smart devices in their environment. Regardless of the smartphone that has the nexus factor, smart wearable becomes one of the most popular smart devices used by many people now.  

The modern smart wearable has tied itself in people’s daily lives, functioned as an extension of smartphones. However, the main feature of this wearable device is placed on its ability to track the users’ health and fitness. With today’s world having people care about their well-being, it is not surprising that all people want to see their primary health indicators. 

The smart wearable device has a unique, perfectly proportioned square form and a dazzling 1.64-inch screen. Weighing just 34g, it’s also light and sleek. As far as the design is concerned, the Huawei Watch Face Store brings 130+ different styles of watch faces, and users are allowed to use photos from their photo gallery. A new soft color scheme and a breathable strap are also featured in the Huawei Watch Fit strap option. 

Battery life technology is also involved in the Huawei Watch Fit by assigning more power when it is needed by users in the specific condition such as during a hectic workout, and less power when inactive.

Users can have their trainer by using these devices. There is a set of individually animated classes displaying 44 standard workout sequences.



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