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Top 3 African Countries On Mobile Fraud Combat

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TechInAfrica – Mobile fraud has become a big discussion for most countries. According to cybersecurity company Evina some states in Africa, such as Kenya, South Africa, and Cameroon are considered the top three hot spots for mobile fraudsters. These three countries experience the wary mobile-based billing transactions of 51%, 30%, and 10%, severally.

David Lotfi, CEO of Evina said that most of the youth population in Africa who do not have a bank account and use more than 900 million mobile money accounts are hard-hit by the professional cybercriminals from around the world. These criminals work together to defeat Africa some $4 billion every year. 

Fraudsters influence digital advertising and mobile payments industries sustainability, in particular, by moving thousands of mobile-based fraud crimes daily.

Mobile fraud affected users’ Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) used to buy things from their phones. There are two major forms of mobile fraud, namely clickjacking which a fraudster takes hold of legal clicks. Also, direct the user to a website where users’ sensitive information about financial and other details can be stolen, and malicious apps that seek to do the same.

Although integrated malware in the malicious app can be the polished fallacious technique, clickjacking becomes the basic type of fraud method that has existed for around five years and has been eliminated in a large part of the mobile world. 

Lotfi added that mobile fraud is an obstacle that can be prevented; there is no specific reason for the fact that one from the mobile subscriptions efforts in South Africa, such as fraudulent. The cyber company will beat fraudsters by using the tools prepared by Evina to assist millions of mobile transactions. 



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