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Kenya’s Fastagger among the Falling Walls Emerging Talents winners

Mutembei Kariuki

Fastagger emerged as the winner in the Falling Walls Emerging talents category as an Artificial Intelligence startup fixated on Breaking the wall of democratizing artificial intelligence’.

Fastagger is an artificial intelligence service company that offers image annotation and data labeling services to companies driven by AI technology. The company is founded by Mutembei Kariuki who is the CEO and co-founder alongside Jude Mwenda, and Stephanie Njerenga.

Fastagger aspires to label millions of data sets and empower young people across the continent while leveraging AI technology to help companies in solar infrastructure projects and agriculture while tackling the democratization of AI and youth unemployment.

The other African company that made it as a finalist is run by Chelsea Tucker from the University of Cape Town who led the category, “Breaking the wall of energy insecurity in Africa.”

The 10 winners in their respective categories were arrived at from a pool of 900 nominees stretching 111 countries competing for Science Breakthrough of the Year awards in their respective categories. Among the jury were prolific individuals such as Nobel laureates and astronauts. The Falling Walls Emerging Talents winners session saw the founders present their breakthrough innovations and how they can impact humanity positively.

Falling Walls and the Berlin Science Week hosted the World Science Summit, remotely held from the 1st to 10th November. The programme will run for 200 sessions while merging recent breakthroughs, outstanding projects in sciences, and society at large. This is a tribute to scientists across the globe working on tackling the pandemic.

The Falling Walls Foundation is a global hub connecting business, science, and society. According to their website, they are purposefully driven by the urge to create breakthroughs across different borders and disciplines. Inspired by the life-changing breakthrough of the collapse of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989, they are on a mission to identify other walls that need to fall.


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