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Kobo360’s Wamunyu Wants the EAC to Speed up COVID-19 Testing at Region’s Borders

Truck drivers at East Africa’s borders have had to spend days on either side waiting for COVID-19 testing and clearance to go through

Kobo360's Kagure Wamunyu
Kobo360 Chief Strategist Oofficer Kagure Wamunyu

Kobo360, a logistics company based in Nigeria, is calling for a speedy process when carrying out Covid-19 tests. The company which has links in Kenya has asked the East African Community to increase the testing centers and produce results faster for truck drivers.

Following the recent requirement for all truck drivers to take the coronavirus test 48hours before travel, the delivery of cargo is taking so long. Kobo360 is seeking for clearance at the border sites without the already witnessed delays.

To have a normal delivery of goods and services across the region, the community needs to set up more testing centers. This way, more truck drivers will be tested and get their results on time and continue with their journey.

Border delays due to COVID-19 Testing

Kobo360 decries delays at EAC borders
A man walks past a stationary semi-truck

The delays at the border point have caused the startup to suffer revenue losses. This results from the reduced number of truck drivers and higher costs incurred in cargo transportation. Cargo safety is also another issue that threatens Kobo360.

The firm is in full support of the bloc’s move to test truck drivers to aid in combating the disease. To demonstrate this, it has some of its workers working from home. They have also provided the necessary equipment- sanitizers, masks, and hand gloves to their employees.

In a move to keep the business on track despite the economic disruptions, Kobo360 is utilizing its Global Logistics Operating System to reach customers.

In the past, the startup was adamant to use digital waybills but it has now fully embraced them to deliver cargo without physical contact.

Post-COVID preparations and coping mechanisms include embracing technology in the logistics industry. The use of digital waybills, monitoring of cargo, recording deliveries, and orders is more likely to be digital.


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