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Western Union about to make a DRC debut via FlashApp Mobile Wallets

The company will team up with CFC (Compagnie Financière du Congo)

cfc/flash mobile wallet

The new arrangement enables thousands of Flash Mobile Wallet agents to Send or Receive money transfers from Western Union. Over 4000 CFC agents are in place to offer the service to customers across DRC with international transfers. The new facility is available for millions of DRC residents who can fully utilize Western Union’s network of options.

CFC is a fully established company in the DRC and Republic of Congo that also offers money transfer and other value-added services. CFC also hosts the FlashApp, a mobile aggregation wallet that is used by agents to serve their customers. Western Union leads the path of cross-money transactions.

Cross currency capabilities have now been added onto the CFC/FLASH platform. That way transfers can be scaled up throughout the region. A new product ‘Flash my Wu’ has been optimized to allow the agents to send money earmarked for payment across Western Union’s network of retail agents in 200 countries and territories.

Through a single multi-wallet app, Flash has revolutionized digital financial services by utilizing a broad pool of agents. That way they are in a position to store, save, and remit money in a manner that facilitates local payments. Eventually, flash end users will have the ability to receive and send throughout the world.

Western Union’s Regional Vice President, Mohamed Touhami El Ouazzani, expressed confidence in company’s “innovation” and ability to “scale global money movement.” The new partnership was further described as spurring “new possibilities” for the CFC/Flash agents

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