Koh Boon Hwee Helps Postr Raise $2.5 million


The recent announcement by the Advertising Technology Startup called Postr concerning the close of the proposed $2.5 million funding round was led by the investment group known as Koh Boon Hwee. The same mission was conjoined by the corporate Venture Capital, a stronger arm of the Southeast Asian telecom operator. The Telkom Indonesia, as well as the Return bakers, also participated.

The legal chair of Credence Partners Ltd is Koh. Since the inception of Postr, it has raised a meaningful amount of money via the aggregate equity funding source. The startup was founded in 2014 and has been the leading provider of lock screen advertisements as well as sponsoring data services into mobile applications. It has active head offices in Singapore and not limited to New Zealand.

According to the CEO of Postr, the latest move is streamlined to improve the company’s next set of growth. The aim is to expand and reach other markets in Africa, Latin America, and Europe among others. This will be in motion as the organization anticipates to receive some boost on money basis earlier next year. With the planned General Data Protection Regulation coming into play in the middle of the year, the company is convinced of obtaining better opportunities between the existing consumers and the advertisers. The lead investor also noted that the rewards for the mobile users will stream in, this will be in terms of free airtime and data services. He promises that this will be an automatic win for the company, and therefore looks forward supporting the organization throughout the next financial period.

Reports indicate that the Postr mobile application has been downloaded with a higher margin compared to other applications. In the same line, the company has been receiving a significant amount of financial growth on a yearly basis. Due to the continuous growth of the organization, there has been an interest of including three additional executives to help run the Postr competently. The MDI is recommended for it has raised the standards of advertising technology firms across the globe.


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